Lionel Messi’s first agent, who discovered him through a video, is looking for next football star on Fieldoo. The Challenge is a lifetime opportunity – handful of Fieldoo users will be given the chance to have a trial and get a contract in Spanish Primera Division & Segunda Division and be represented by Minguella’s football agency. Applications to the challenge will close on November 1, 2013, the trials will take place in late December this year.


Over 5,000 football players from all over the world applied to the Challenge and with the hard-working cooperation between Fieldoo and Josep Maria Minguella the list of 19 finalists was made.


Get to know the finalists.

Get to know the semi-finalists.

Follow the final phase and see who’ll go to Spain!

For the guys who haven't made it

The basic criteria for grading players in the Challenge was/is individual Fieldoo player profile. Most of the applied players did not make it to the semi-finals due to a non-completed Fieldoo profile. Your online football CV is the first thing the Challenge commission, Sr. Minguella’s team and even anyone else see about you. What you have to do is pimp up your profile! Your Fieldoo profile should be completed as much as possible and regularly updated.

You have applied for Minguella Challenge, you’ve tried and you have done your best. This is what counts and what reflects your passion and love for the game. And for that you are respected. But don't despair guys. For your work and dedication you deserve more than just words.

Let us give you a head start and a tip. A new Challenge is coming up for the summer transfer window and it is not just for Spain. Start working on your profile and football skills. If you’re missing a promo video you have time to make one, and you have time to really prepare your Fieldoo football profile and your football skills. We believe in you. As for the promised tip: Learn on how a perfect Fieldoo CV looks like.

With Fieldoo everybody gets a chance!