About us

Mission, Vision and Values

Fieldoo intends to become a reference in the world of sport representation and promotion.

Our mission is to offer an outstanding specialised service to players, coaches, agents, clubs, and other institutions, stressing the importance of quality and basing our core values on:

Professionalism, transparency and innovation.

The Team

Fieldoo team is obsessed with sport, internet, entertainment and everything men and their more beautiful counterparts enjoy. We like to think of ourselves as Cinderella meets the Three Stooges with the help of the Seven Dwarfs, which is the best physical description of the Fieldoo Team. Join us as we fulfil our utopian vision of joining the strengths of internet with sport ...

At Fieldoo we prefer to step outside of the box, out of the usual patterns ... . We help you stay on top of all new things in the sports industry and help you get answers for your whys in sports (career) management, marketing, fair-play, conditioning to sports business and all other areas, which might help you take the next step.

We do not follow trends. Instead we learn about the sports industry and respond with creativity, expression and desire to progress. Together with you, we are the trend setters!


Fieldo d.o.o.
Mivka 25, Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU