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Aleksandar Djekanovic
Intermediary / Slovene
Impossible is nothing!
Slovenia, Italy, Austria, ...
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Miljan Ubiparipovic
Intermediary / Slovene
I was a professional player and I understand the importance of teamwork. With all my focus, drive, discipline and trust I help the...
United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, ...
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Sokratis Sokratous
Intermediary / Cypriot
Fifa Player Agent that represent PRO footballers from Europe - Africa - Latin America !!! Well connected with many agents and clu...
Greece, Germany, France, Cyprus, England, Slovenia, Portugal, Italy, ...
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Saša Ćuk
Intermediary / Slovene
SC3 Football Management; registered and licensed in Ljubljana Slovenia.Please contact me only players with EU passeports or Balkan...
Poland, Iceland, Estonia, ...
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Tomasz Jaworski
Intermediary / Polish
Team of experts manages the interest of clients across the world. Don`t sign without us!
Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Scotland, United Kingdom, ...
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Nicholas Zilnho
Scout / Mauritian
I represent only professional footballers please. Kids welcome (contacts via parents only)
United Kingdom, Hungary, France, Belgium, ...
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Arben Arkaxhiu
Intermediary / Albanian
Lawer and Fifa Agent Player's
Germany, France, Austria, Albania, Senegal, ...
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Bryan Lim
Intermediary / Singaporean
Trebol Sports International is a boutique football scouting and talent management agency that specialises in helping players kicks...
Thailand, Singapore, India, Philippines, Nepal, Cambodia, Bangladesh, ...
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Oliver Schlegl
Intermediary / German
I am a German players' agent, licensed by Latvian Football Federation, working for Nordic Sky, biggest agency in Northern Europe. ...
Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Croatia, Austria, Poland, ...
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Martin Schiær
Intermediary / Danish
Registered Players' Agent/Intermediate, licensed by the Danish Football Association.
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, ...
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Christopher Forsythe
Intermediary / Irish
Chris is currently a fully Fifa Agent licensed by the Ghana F.A and has attention to detail, astute professionalism, language skil...
South Korea, United Kingdom, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Ghana, ...
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Intermediary / Slovene
no information available
England, Croatia, United States, Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, ...
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