Being a Fieldoo member does three basic things for you and your football career. You get noticed by thousands of football agents, scouts and clubs. You can directly contact agents or club representatives, which might help you to boost your career, make a transfer. And with Fieldoo membership you can also get a chance on a professional football trial.

... and start contacting agents!

What do I get with Fieldoo membership?

Agents/Clubs can scout your football CV

Agents are more likely to discover you and respond to you

Becoming a Fieldoo member means that your football CV is visible on the Players List and is also included into weekly emails we send out to more than 15.000 agents and clubs worldwide. If you're a 22 years old defender from Germany and some agent or a club decide to search for a new defender preferably from Germany, they are going to look for it on Players List. You want your name and profile to pop out on top of the list and being a Fieldoo member is what it gets you on Players List and more. Your football CV gets special spot in the weekly emails which goes out to all Fieldoo agents and clubs.

You can directly contact agents/clubs

With Fieldoo membership you can directly contact agents or club representatives, which might help you to boost your career and make a transfer. Stop waiting for somebody to discover you or approach you with an offer. You need to take action and contact agents, scouts and clubs. Send a message to an agent, scout, or club representative and find out if you are interesting for them. With professional membership you can contact up to 36 agents or clubs and get yourself a new club.


Contact an agent or a club who's already shown interest in you.

If your football CV is visited by a football agent or a club we will let you know which agent or club was that. That means you can zero in on the right people for your career. Finding out which agent, scout or club representative was looking at your profile and sending him a follow up message is an information worth much more then the price of our membership. You may be interesting for someone, but he could need a little push to focus on you. That can be one message from you or simple introduction. But first you need to know who is that. Being a Fieldoo member you will know.

Apply for Professional Trials/Try-outs

Fieldoo members get selected for exclusive club trials, training camps and Fieldoo Challenges

You need to be a member to apply for Fieldoo Challenges, exclusive club trials, training camps and more. But youll get even more. Fieldoo members get up to 30% discount on the price of a trial. That means if you, as a Fieldoo member, apply for a professional trial in Sweden and you get selected into a team, you will only pay 200€ instead of 300€. Paying 9,99 or 14,99 for Fieldoo membership can easily save you more then 100€ and get you a football opportunity. Learn more on professional trials.

No excuses, find an agent and get a club!