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From the beginning, Fieldoo’s success has been recognised by websites, newspapers, business outlets and football media.

Take a look at what the football world has said about us...

While there are characters within the game ready to exploit young talents, Hosta has spotted a much more positive window of opportunity. It is Hosta...who is opening doors for players around the world.
Fieldoo has targeted two major areas that are in drastic need of revamping and improving in order to achieve its goal: eliminating the murkiness surrounding transfers (big or small)...and relocating promising youths who are not offered professional contracts.
In two and a half years after its birth, Fieldoo reached 200,000 users between players, agents and clubs. In the last winter transfer market window, hundreds of their users received professional contract deals, totalling €15.9 million.
Perhaps Fieldoo represents the next evolution by applying social principles of community to the sports world.
We want to bring transparency to football. There is a lot of fraud and we want to provide a safe platform for players. If a player comes through the Manchester City academy but doesn't make the first team, then he can look for opportunities through Fieldoo.
Jordi Pascual arrived to the new club by one of those little technological miracles of the Internet age - through football network Fieldoo.
The latest transfer window saw players gain moves within the top tier leagues in Austria and Croatia all the way to the fifth division in Brazil, with Fieldoo being directly involved in hundreds of deals throughout January.
By merging the necessity of social media with international talent, there is an unprecedented tactic that is changing the landscape of modern scouting.
Social platforms, such as Fieldoo, are no longer a reference in expediting player development and club acquisitions, but a guide as to how social media shapes the modern team and player.
Players get dream moves after football ‘X-Factor’ ends. is changing established patterns of communication, networking and football transactions (transfers). - an online network that connects players and agents.
While it expands the growth and force of an industry, it in turn shapes previously inaccessible contacts into a community-centred business opportunity.
If you are looking for the chance to sign a contract with a professional soccer team, look no further!
Argentinean Jordi Pascual signs with Girona: Great success of Fieldoo's Minguella Challenge.
Revolutionists, visionaries, pioneers. That is who they are.
Fieldoo, footballers and agents joined in one network.
Think of Fieldoo as a mix of LinkedIn and AngelList, but for football professionals (both players and other industry folks like agents and scouts).
Up-and-coming football players and agents newcomers have an efficient way to get connected!
Fieldoo launched/started a revolution in player discovery by combining social networks and traditional scouting.
A beautiful database available to anyone who is looking for talents ...
Footballers have their own network to find better future:
If you are looking for the chance to sign a contract with a professional soccer team, look no further!
Because of Fieldoo, marginalised players receive opportunities that others hear their voice as they shape their own football stories.
AS Roma player is the star of football network Fieldoo.
Each generation redefines the athletic standard and the industry now has a tool that responds to its changes, challenges and opportunities.
Now the world has changed again with the impact of social media and the chance to shape the identity of the modern athlete: online presence which can drive endorsement.
Fieldoo, the social football network, innovates again by developing a program for calculating training compensation for agents and clubs looking to sign professional players.
In the globalised world, social networks act as a form of rapid communication and connecting people. The trend arrived in football with…a site that promises to be a ‘career network for football’ and connect clubs with athletes.