Fieldoo AG is a Zurich based company that is providing tech and non-tech solutions in the sports recruitment industry.


Fieldoo AG is a market leader and trendsetter in the hot niche of sports industry.
With a unique online/offline business model we offer services aimed to revolutionize sports recruitment industry.

With online sports marketplace which provides opportunities for upcoming and second tier players, and our scalable products and services, we aim high in bringing digital revolution on the sports market.

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Fieldoo is the first tailor-made platform, where football players can get a complete pathway from identification and verification of talent to direct recruitment in a football club or academy.

It solves the problem of recruitment and taking the next step for players, by providing a complete pathway process from assessing their talent to providing a football trial or a direct trial in a professional football club or academy.

Fieldoo let’s an amateur, semi-pro players and others test their football talent, discover their level, and connect with suitable opportunity. A democratization of football scouting and recruitment process. It equals a starting position for all players and provides a pathway to professional football.

We are building a platform, where every individual, who is dreaming of a professional sports career will have an option to identify their basic sports talent, and assess their potential. Fieldoo team has been developing this idea based on their expertise and knowledge of the business, guide the players based on their results, and provide them with a realistic opportunity in the future.

invest in fieldoo

We’ll keep it simple as possible. Invest because our share will grow in the upcoming 3 years. Invest because you believe that all should have an equal chance.

Market leader and trendsetter in the industry

Fieldoo is a market leader in the hot niche of sports industry. With 450.000+ registered players, intermediaries and clubs, working football marketplace platform, that is generating revenue and revolutionary project with scalable product and services, Fieldoo aims high in bringing digital revolution on the sports market.

We disrupt all sport.

A global project that disrupts the most popular and fastest growing industry - sports. Fieldoo is not limited to football, but it is going to expand to other sports, starting with team sports; basketball, hockey, cricket, etc.

A unique business model and tech solution

We have a proven and working business model and a unique tech solution. The Fieldoo business model is set up as a hybrid online/offline model. A unique model, where both parts work as a revenue generator and, at the same time, as a user acquisition channel.

Solving a real problem in a fast growing and recession-proof industry

We are changing the way players are recruited and transferred. We are going to give the power back to the players and their talent. Nowadays, sports is one of the biggest industries; part of almost all aspects of everyday life. Because of the “hero effect,” it is recession-proof. Even in the hardest economic downfalls, the sports industry has continued to grow and it has been enjoying prolific growth in the last decade.

We are a well-established and trusted name globally

Fieldoo team members are top experts of their trade. International, experienced and true connoisseurs of sport business. And in sport, a team always wins.

Unified service for a global demand

Sports speaks the same language. Recruitment problem is the same in United States, China or Germany, and Fieldoo is present everywhere to discover new prospects and

According to our projections, we will reach break even by 2024. We need investments for the further development of the technology platform and for the development of new markets and applications.


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152.400 CHF
994.500 CHF
1.869.250 CHF
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5.908.526 CHF
7.721.943 CHF

Fieldoo has tokenized its shares and trades them on (see the symbol FLD).

An investment in Fieldoo is highly attractive. With our new platform coming out and new partnerships in major target markets in the US and Africa, we are becoming a hot topic on the market. Fieldoo shares are an ideal diversification tool in the attractive high-tech and automation environment.

Use Aktionariat’s FLD brokerbot to acquire shares of fieldoo. To buy or sell fieldoo shares, use the widget to the right. Set up your [wallet ( aktionariat-shares) beforehand.

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Fieldoo AG is a Swiss corporation with its registered office in Zurich, and the commercial register number CH-

Fieldoo AG is a Swiss corporation with its registered office in Zurich, and the commercial register number CHE-195.865.186Its purpose is to develop and market technologies in the sports recruitment industry and marketing.

Its capital is divided into 10′000′000 shares with a par value of CHF 0.01 each. Based on a registration agreement, 1′000′000 shares of Fieldoo AG are registered as ERC-20 tokens named "Fieldoo AG Shares” with the symbol “FDO” on the Ethereum blockchain. The current market price per share is 0.51 CHF, corresponding to a market capitalization of 5′100′000 CHF.

Hendrik Klein

Fieldoo’s Head of investor relations.

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Do I receive a real share?

Yes, they are fully-fledged shares under Swiss law with all the rights and obligations of a share. The shares are issued in the form of registered securities according to OR 973d.

Do I own a cryptocurrency if I buy the shares through Aktionariat?

No, it is a «share token», where each token is tied to one share of the company.

When and how can I sell a share?

Shares can be sold at any time via the shareholder Brokerbot as long as Fieldoo AG provides sufficient liquidity. In order for Brokerbot to recognize the shares, one must link the corresponding account.

Are there differences to "traditional" shares?

With the amendments to the Swiss Code of Obligations that came into force on 01.02.21, the concept of register value rights was introduced. Article 973d defines the register value right as a right (1) which is registered in a register of value rights and (2) which can only be asserted via this register.

A distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based register, such as a blockchain, meets the requirements for a register of uncertificated securities set out in Article 973d(2). If permitted by a company articles of association, securities such as shares can be issued as register value rights.

We tokenise our own shares on this basis. Thus, the share tokens contain exactly the same rights and obligations as "traditional" shares.

Is the Fieldoo share price dependent on the cryptocurrency price?

No, the price of the Fieldoo share is not dependent on the volatility of cryptocurrencies. The value of the Fieldoo is calculated and traded in Swiss Francs. The price is dependent on supply and demand for stakes in the company Fieldoo AG. Only the company value is decisive for the price development of the share.

Will I be registered as an investing person in the Fieldoo share register?

In order to obtain an entry in the share register of Fieldoo AG, investors must register with their name and address. This is done either once in the Aktionariat Portfolio app (this also automatically places you in the share register of other companies where shares are purchased via the Aktionariat app). Alternatively, under the section "Shareholder Registry" on the investor page of Fieldoo AG.

Is there a shareholding agreement?

By purchasing a share of Fieldoo AG, the Investor accepts the terms and conditions of the Token Holder Agreement and the Registration Agreement. The Investor will be advised of these when purchasing shares and must accept them.

What are the opportunities and risks?

Shares are subject to entrepreneurial risk. The purchase of shares makes it possible to participate directly in the development and economic success of Fieldoo AG.

This includes both the potential increase in value of the share and possible dividend payments. However, the dividend is not regarded as promised and may also fail to materialise over severalyears.

As far as the value of the shares themselves is concerned, a decline in value up to the loss of the capital invested is theoretically possible. This is part of the entrepreneurial risk.