Fieldoo Cup consists of preliminary launching event in Ghana and individual challenges in 5 different African countries.


Ghana - Launch
Ghana - Finale

The project consists of 3-day long trials in each of the above mentioned countries, with the goal to assess up to 250 - 300 players per trial event.

45-60 min games
Speed & Conditioning tests
Drill tests & obstacle course & prize games
Lectures & Presentations

The structure of the trial is playing 11 a side games for 45-60 min. Each player would play at least 2-3 games in 3 days. The other tests of the trial would be speed and conditioning test, drill tests of set pieces and exercises on the pitch for seeing how do they get the tactics and understand the coaches.

Also we would have obstacle course competition for the most skilled player.

The best players are going to be primarily directly scouted by and for clubs to attend club trials in Europe and they will be selected and form a Fieldoo showcase team that is going to travel to Europe for competitive matches and trials in clubs & academies.

Assessment by European PRO coaches + 7-10 clubs observations
Fieldoo /TalentIDO sport passport
A goody bag (each participant will get a football kit + assessment paper)
Direct scouting of 7-10 European clubs
Option to win a trip to Europe for a trial with a club or academy; We are going to select the best players and take them on a trial to Europe

International football coaches, club coaches + Fieldoo staff plus local coaching help.

There are three main points where Fieldoo Cup stands out from any other recruiting projects:

Structural approach

Fieldoo Cup is set a combination of online & offline model, where online platform offers a complete support to the on the-pitch football event. The project is set to offer participating players a complete one-stop-shop service of the football recruitment process. Fieldoo Cup structurally connects all parties in the sports chain – players –intermediaries – clubs..


We are bringing a unified methodology for assessment of players. The methodology is based on the direct requirements of clubs, which are partnering with in Fieldoo Cup project and on working experience from the past

Direct recruiting

Through club coaches, the partnering clubs are recruiting directly on the trial, and Fieldoo is
providing an indirect approach through club trials from the platform pipeline of clubs.

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